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Our Superintendent

Dr. Beth Polito

Dr. Beth Polito

Dr. Beth Polito
Our vision 2025 Strategic plan

Our vision 2025 Strategic plan

LLESD’s Five Strategic Goals as outlined in Vision 2025
Goal #1 - Inspirational learning
Goal #2 - Social Emotional Learning & Wellness 
Goal #3 - Professional Development
Goal #4 - Communication & Engagement 
Goal #5 - Facilities & Infrastructure 

The Superintendent's 2022-2023 Goals  

Our 2023-2024 Communications Schedule:
We have streamlined our communications so you know when you can expect to receive communications from the district and the school site administrators.
The district will send a monthly newsletter on Thursdays during the school year. Our school sites, Las Lomitas Elementary and La Entrada School, will also send out a bi-weekly newsletter on Thursdays.
Links to recent newsletters:
Link to all newsletters sent out thus far in the 2023-2024 school year and all newsletters sent out in the 2022-2023 school year.


Dr. Beth Polito
(650) 854-2880 X4011
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent :
Monica Salas

(650) 854-2880 X4012
Assistant Superintendent:
Dr. Valerie Park
(650) 854-6311 X4017
Communications Coordinator:
Kelli Twomey
(650) 854-6311 X4033