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Cyber Safe Poster
As Educators at LLESD we...

As Educators at LLESD we...

  • At the beginning of each school year, all K-8 students attend a class-based presentation covering the Acceptable Use Agreement, cyber etiquette and cyber safety. New students are provided the information on the "New students" website.
  • All students and parents have links to the Board Policy (BP6163.4) regarding the Use of Technology, and must sign an Acceptable Use Agreement for grade level technology use in K-3 and 4th-8th grades. This details the parameters of the technology use within the district.
  • Grades 4-5 have computer lab times with active hands-on lessons using the website options shown below in "Resources". 
  • La Entrada's weekly KPAW broadcast will occasionally run NetSmartz's 90 second videos.
  • Annually, La Entrada hosts an assembly regarding cybersafety and the internet.
  • All La Entrada classrooms and labs have CTAP's CyberSafety poster. The topics are infused as appropriate throughout the curriculum.
  • The La Entrada handbook addresses the issues of cyberbullying.
  • Teachers and instructional lab aides refer to the Common Sense Media online site and attend presentations furthering their own training.
  • The La Entrada technology committee is focused on the evaluation of the Cyber Safety and Cyber etiquette, seeking effective methods to strengthen the awareness to all grade levels.