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Substitute Teaching

substitute teaching at llesd

substitute teaching at llesd

Substitute Teacher Applicants

Thank you for your interest in Substitute Teaching.  California Education laws require a valid California Credential and/or a Substitute Teacher Permit.   
We are unable to approve applications with expiring credentials or permits
  • Our office will review your application and verify your credential 
  • Your application will be reviewed for approval by the Human Resources Coordinator
  • Once approved, we  will contact you for an in-person appointment
  • Your Credential or Permit must be valid for the current school year
  • Renew online at prior to submitting your application
  • For information about substitute teaching requirements in California, visit and CTC Emergency 30-Day Substitute Teaching Permit
Substitute Pay:
Up to and including one and one-half hours or 2 consecutive teaching periods at La Entrada = $96

Over one and one-half hours and up to and including four hours or 3 consecutive periods (4 if one is a prep period) at La Entrada  = $144

Over four hours = $240

Long-term rate (20 or more consecutive days in one substitute assignment, retroactive to the first day of the assignment) = $385.51