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Las Lomitas Elementary School District

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English Language Learners/Multilingual Learners



The major goals of the program for English language learners in the Las Lomitas Elementary School District are:
  • to develop proficiency in English;
  • to give English language learners access to the District’s core curriculum as rapidly and as effectively as possible in an established English-language classroom or in an alternative course of study with curriculum designed for such students. 
All English learners are enrolled in English Language Mainstream or Structured English Immersion classrooms with CLAD / SDAIE certified teachers. Students with limited-English proficiency in grades K-5 may receive additional assistance on a regular schedule with a designated teacher, and instructional paraeducators provide assistance in both the regular and ELD classrooms. Students in grades 6-8 receive designated ELD instruction and assistance with mainstream classroom work on a regular schedule from a certified CLAD teacher.
English language learners are redesignated as fluent English proficient (R-FEP) after meeting established criteria to ensure that these students have overcome language barriers, have recouped any academic deficits incurred in other areas of the curriculum, and can demonstrate proficiency in English comparable to that of the District’s average native English-language speakers.


What does it mean to be reclassified/redesignated as Fluent-English Proficient (R-FEP)?

Reclassification is the process whereby a student is reclassified from English learner (EL) status to Fluent English Proficient (RFEP) status. Reclassification can take place at any time during the academic year, immediately upon the student meeting all the criteria.
Each school district establishes a locally-approved reclassification process, including any documents used to communicate information regarding that process, in order to determine when students are eligible for RFEP status changes due to meeting each of the four criteria listed in Education Code (EC) Section 313 (f)
LLESD’s reclassification criteria meet the above requirement: Each criterion must be met by every student eligible for RFEP status.  The Reclassification Rainbow graphic reminds us always to consider the criteria holistically when making reclassification decisions.
Reclassification Rainbow
Redesignation Letters