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Las Lomitas Elementary School District

Inclusive, Engaging, Inspiring

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, & Belonging

llesd Diversity & inclusion statement

llesd Diversity & inclusion statement

Diversity makes all of us stronger.
The Las Lomitas Elementary School District recognizes and celebrates diversity in the academic environment to foster cultural awareness, promote mutual understanding and respect, and provide role models for all students. We value the many cultures, ethnicities, national origins, socio-economic backgrounds, genders, sexual orientations, ages, religions, abilities, political views, and other perspectives that are represented in our staff and student body. Learning and work environments are enriched and improved by the contributions, perspectives, and presence of diverse participants and views.
In the classroom, the District supports the use of curriculum and practical experiences that reflect the diversity both within and beyond our school community to prepare its students to succeed in a multicultural world.  
We strive to reflect this diversity in our faculty and staff by hiring the best employees of all backgrounds who bring their unique talents and skills into our District. We are proud to have a diverse group of educators and staff who provide students with the highest quality education. This commitment to diversity is reflected in District practices and activities that promote diversity and mutual respect within the District workforce and student body.
As part of our educational mission, we will continue to develop and support culturally competent, transformational educational leaders who exhibit the cultural awareness, attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment. We believe that these leaders will create inspirational learning experiences that encourage and motivate all students and staff to achieve their highest levels of performance.
DEIAB committee

DEIAB committee

LLESD has a DEIAB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Access, and Belonging) Committee that oversees all aspects of DEIAB. The District and Community partnership researches and reviews current systems and initiatives related to DEIAB and makes recommendations to increase DEIAB at both school sites and the District office. 

The committee comprises LLESD staff members and parents, and the committee meets several times throughout the school year.

The committee is currently focused on these projects:
  • Following up on the district-wide Equity Audit by Insight Education Group conducted in the 2022-2023 school year. The Equity Audit included a comprehensive review of district data and stakeholder surveys, including students (grades 3-8), staff, parents, and stakeholder focus groups. The LLESD Equity Report can be found here.
  • Implementations of the History-Social Science Adopted Instructional Materials  and Professional Development
  • Use the newly written, more equitable, collaborative, and student-centered Student Handbooks and study restorative Practices as part of the handbook.
  • Library Plan and supplemental curriculum to provide a more diverse selection of reading titles.
Additionally, in November 2022, all LLESD staff members participated in Racial Equity training, “Courageous Conversations- Beyond Diversity,” and will participate in the next level of training in November 2023.