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Independent Study

INdependent Study

Please note that the temporary legislation that allowed for distance learning (with all the requirements) as an option in 2020-2021 expired. 

Updated Independent Study Board Policy 6158

Updated Independent Study Regulation 6158

Remote Independent Study Request (RIS)

Short-Term INdependent Study

LLESD staff is focused on in-person instruction. While you may enter into a Short-Term Independent Study (SIS) for a minimum of three days and up to 14 days in a given school year, this is not intended to replicate the rigor of classroom instruction or the social interactions between peers and teachers. 

The purpose of a Short-Term Independent Study is to provide some level of grade-level equivalent work and consider your child present for the duration of the independent study. 

If your child is gone for more than 14 days without Short-Term Independent Study, you may be disenrolled from the school and will need to be re-enrolled when you return from vacation. 

We urge you to prioritize your child's attendance and plan vacations and trips during calendar breaks.

Short-term Independent Study Request (SISP)