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Bus Rules

Bus Rules

Las Lomitas Elementary School District

Student Transportation Rules, Consequences & Regulations

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Las Lomitas Elementary School District

Student Transportation, Rules, Consequences & Regulations


Student Conduct on School Buses

At some time in the school year, almost every child will ride a school bus – either to/from school or on a field trip. Appropriate behavior is critical to the safety of everyone. The school district is responsible for students on their way to and from school.  Therefore, the school bus is an extension of the school, and all rules and regulations pertaining to conduct on the school grounds apply to riding on the buses and waiting at bus stops. The bus driver has the legal authority and responsibility to enforce school bus rules and regulations. Students on board a school bus are directly responsible to the driver for their conduct and actions.


Bus Riding Procedures

  1. Children are to board the bus at the stop closest to their home. PLEASE follow this rule as behavior problems result when too many students congregate at one spot.
  2. The times listed on the schedules can vary on a daily basis.  Students should be at the bus stop five (5) minutes before the bus is due.  Wait safely at the bus stop, out of the street and away from the curb/behind the yellow line at school.
  3. Students are to wait in line facing the bus and shall be standing at least 12 feet away from the school bus front door as it approaches. Students are not to move until the bus stops and the door opens.
  4. If students arrive when the bus is at the stop and must cross the street, they shall be escorted across in front of the bus by the driver. Students who must cross after exiting the bus shall also be escorted across the street in front of the bus by the driver. The driver will supervise the boarding and departure from the bus and escort students whenever necessary.
  5. Students are dropped at their regular scheduled stops unless they have a note signed by a parent or guardian stating the child has permission to use another stop. The note must designate the stop and the day, or days, it is in effect.
  6. Students are assigned to the bus run immediately following their dismissal.
  7. A note from a teacher or parent is needed to ride a different bus run.  La Entrada students will be required to have a bus pass, signed by a teacher, to ride the late bus.
  8. Children who accidentally board the wrong bus on take home runs will be returned to the child’s school after the driver completes the scheduled run.
  9. Kindergarten students must be met at the bus stop by their parent or guardian. Students may be released to another adult only if that adult is authorized, in writing, to meet the child. Authorization shall be submitted to the Las Lomitas School office, who will keep Transportation informed. Any Kindergarten student not met by a parent or authorized adult will be returned to Las Lomitas School or the District Office at the completion of the scheduled run for parent pick-up.

For Sequoia Bus Only

  • On the AM Bus and PM Bus, La Entrada students are to sit in the seats at the rear of the bus first—except for those students with assigned seats.
  • For the Late PM Bus, students should fill in the front seats first – except for those students with assigned seats.


  1. Enter and exit the bus in a calm and orderly manner.  No loud talking, yelling or horseplay is allowed as it distracts the driver. Students are to use their “Library Voices” while riding the bus. Except for an emergency, no student is to talk to the driver while the bus is in motion.
  2. Eating, drinking, chewing gum or spitting is not allowed on the bus, nor is marking, destroying or tampering with the bus (water allowed only with Driver’s permission).
  3. No animals, birds, reptiles, fish or insects may be transported on a school bus, whether in containers or not.  No knives or other sharp pointed objects are allowed. Pens, pencils, and other toys, including cards, must remain in backpacks while riding the bus.
  4. Windows are not to be adjusted without first asking permission. Windows should not go down more than halfway. No part of one’s body is allowed outside the windows.
  5. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful to the driver, each other and other motorists.  Profanity, rude remarks, obscene gestures, etc. will not be tolerated.
  6. Reading and the use of iPads are allowed during the bus ride. The iPad is only to be used by you—no sharing. Volume should be turned down, or student should wear one earbud so s/he can still hear the driver.
  7. The school rules apply on the bus. Cell phones are not to be used while riding the bus. However, cell phones may be used to communicate with parents up until the bus doors are closed. When the bus doors close and the driver drives off campus, cell phones must be put away.
  8. Parents are encouraged to call the Las Lomitas School District Dispatch at 650-854-6311, ext#0 or Sequoia Dispatch at 650-306-8875 with concerns or questions about bus times.
  9. Students must stay in their seats, use their seatbelts, if applicable, and sit facing forward. No changing seats once you sit down. If you are the first person to sit in a row, you must move all the way to the window.  Backpacks are to be placed on the floor between your feet or in overhead racks, if applicable. If the backpack does not fit on the floor or rack, it may go on your lap. The driver has the final word on all seating decisions. Seating chart (if applicable) and seating directions must be followed by students.



Consequences of Misconduct on Bus 

By State Law and Board Policy, students may be denied bus riding privileges when it is necessary in the interest of discipline and safety. Notification of such action will be communicated to the parent or guardian by the principal.

Bus Drivers will complete Bus Conduct Reports and share with School Site Administration. 

  1. First Formal Warning Notification= Driver gives student verbal warning.
  2. Second Notification = Bus Conduct Report completed by Driver.  Campus Beautification Duty during AM recess and/or lunch recess, letter sent/call home.
  3. Third Notification = Bus Conduct Report completed by Driver.  Campus Beautification Duty during AM recess and Lunch Recess, letter sent/call home.
  4. Fourth Notification = Bus Conduct Report completed by Driver.  AM and lunch recess, call home and one day bus suspension and behavior plan created.
  5. Fifth Notification = Bus Conduct Report completed by Driver.  Conference with parents, further bus suspension and behavior plan created.
  6. Sixth Notification = Bus Conduct Report completed by Driver.  Consequence may include suspension from riding the school bus for a semester or for the remainder of the year.


It is our hope that all students will have a positive experience riding on our buses and that they will behave in such a manner that will not trigger these consequences.  Each case will be fairly evaluated. In cases of severe misconduct a student may be assigned a penalty more severe than provided for in the normal process. 



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