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Beth Polito

Dr. Beth Polito
(650) 854-2880


Our Vision 2025 Strategic Plan
LLESD’s Five Strategic Goals as outlined in Vision 2025

Goal #1 - Inspirational learning
Goal #2 - Social Emotional Learning & Wellness 

Goal #3 - Professional Development
Goal #4 - Communication & Engagement 

Goal #5 - Facilities & Infrastructure 

Our 2022-2023 Communications Schedule:

We have streamlined our communications for the 2022-2023 school year with a schedule so you know when you can expect to receive communications from the district and the school site administrators.

The district will send a monthly newsletter on Thursdays during the school year. Our school sites, Las Lomitas Elementary and La Entrada School will also send out a bi-weekly newsletter on Thursdays.

Links to all 2022-2023 Newsletters from LLESD. La Entrada and Las Lomitas.
Here is our 2022-2023 schedule for the upcoming months.