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  • Call for a sub?   Aesop:  Use the left login panel on the this sign-in page, NOT the "Learn More" button on the right. And here is information on how to call in and link to url for online use.
  • Contact CalSTRS?
  • Learn about the new Google Apps for Education and in particular how to use the Gmail system? Here are links to the Information on the transition to Google, and a printable document of "Ready to Start?"
  • How/where do I submit a reimbursement for preapproved classroom expenses when you seek reimbursement. Contact the school office for the form to be submitted with original receipts.  
  • How/where do I submit Expense Report for Trips/Conferences? These are for preapproved conference or travel expenses. Please note there are allocations for meals so please comply with all procedures on the form. Open and complete this Expense Report for Trips/Conferences, SAVE to your personal folder so you have a copy (file>"save page as">save to your server) print, obtain appropriate signatures and submit to the Business Office.
  • Find SmartBoard information, training videos, etc for our LLESD teachers use?
  • Find the handouts from the SchoolLoop training?